Saturday, June 5, 2010

The BeeGee Fairy Comes to our house!

Lizzie is now almost 2 and a half and we've been talking about getting rid of the pacifiers. She was not receptive to it at all, but then yesterday, kind of out of the blue, she said she wanted the BeeGee Fairy to bring her a present. She started gathering up all of her pacifiers and putting them into a little bag. We all helped her find more and more and MORE! MAN, we had a lot of pacifiers! Once we had all we could find in her little bag, we hung the bag in a tree outside to wait for the BeeGee Fairy to come. I told her the BeeGee Fairy would come and take her beegees to little babies who needed them. We talked about how she was such a big girl now and doesn't need them anymore. She agreed with all of it and didn't ask for a pacifier till later when I was rocking her to sleep. I reminded her and she once again agreed and never even got upset.
This morning, she was excited to see what the BeeGee Fairy brought her! Sam was equally as excited!

Here she is after opening the bag and seeing her new Dora the Explorer backpack!! I think she looks pretty pleased with her big girl bag!

Inside, opening up her backpack to discover more treasures inside! Coloring books, crayons, and a Dora blanket! WOW, great job BeeGee Fairy.

Here is my proud big girl with her new backpack! She looks so grown up. She was braver than me.... but I only cried a little.

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