Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some kids funnies I forgot...

We spent the evening with his cousins, Glenn and Tana.

The next morning at breakfast, Sam looks up wide-eyed and says,"Mom, I am a fast runner, but that Glenn is SUPER fast!" I nod in agreement

Sam thinks about this for a moment and sips his drink...

He looks up serious,"Must be the freckles!"

I asked Paul to please get me the mouse for my laptop, which apparently has forgotten how to use it's trackpad. Lizzie hears me and goes running, screaming,"Me get it, me get it!"

Paul returns with the computer mouse. Lizzie returns with a stuffed mouse. She is so proud when she presents it and says,"Here you mouse, Mama! I got it for you!" Paul and I had a good giggle about it later.

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