Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some kids funnies I forgot...

We spent the evening with his cousins, Glenn and Tana.

The next morning at breakfast, Sam looks up wide-eyed and says,"Mom, I am a fast runner, but that Glenn is SUPER fast!" I nod in agreement

Sam thinks about this for a moment and sips his drink...

He looks up serious,"Must be the freckles!"

I asked Paul to please get me the mouse for my laptop, which apparently has forgotten how to use it's trackpad. Lizzie hears me and goes running, screaming,"Me get it, me get it!"

Paul returns with the computer mouse. Lizzie returns with a stuffed mouse. She is so proud when she presents it and says,"Here you mouse, Mama! I got it for you!" Paul and I had a good giggle about it later.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Paul and duct tape

Isn't he precious? That front tooth has been loose a while now, but it just wasn't ready to come out. However, Paul ran out of duct tape. He counted his money and he only had $3.00. He asked me how much a roll of duct tape costs and when told $ 4.00, he ran out of my room. I was amused, because I thought he must have remembered a hidden dollar somewhere and would soon return triumphant!

Little did I know that he was actually pulling out his tooth to get money from the tooth fairy. He did return triumphant, but also bleeding quite a lot! He bit on a piece of rolled gauze for about an hour..... all the while clutching that tooth and talking about which color duct tape he wanted to buy the next day.

He got his money and he got his duct tape. He also got a stern lecture about pulling out one's teeth for money. No one tell him you can sell your blood!

Sam and the handbell choir

Sam is on the second row, partially hidden by Tana's hat.

The handbell choir is Kindergarteners and First Graders. They play by color and do a great job.

Here's the whole group without hats. You can see Sam a little better. He likes this group, even though he'd like everyone to think he is a little too cool for it!

More Glenn Family Reunion pics

John Henry and Jessica with CuCu in the background.

Uncle Bobby and Elizabeth on the boat

Two precious girls!

Sam being a little goofy while hiding treasures in his shirt.

Glenn Family Reunion 2010

Paul and cousin Jessica.

On Friday, the children and I (Steve was working) visited with Uncle Bobby, Aunt Robin and Jessica. We rode in the boat, went swimming, ate a yummy lunch, and enjoyed the good company.

Lizzie loved riding in the boat this year!

John Henry still loves Uncle Bobby's cockatoo, CuCu! She's loud, but overall a good bird. John Henry has always loved her and she tolerates it!

Then on Sunday, we met all the Glenns (who weren't working out of town!!) at Oak Mountain State Park and enjoyed a wonderful meal of fried fish, french fries, slaw, hush puppies, and fried okra.

Here's John Henry entertaining Uncle Bobby, who is a patient and wonderful listener.

Lizzie got to see her first-cousin, Emmeline and give her a little bit of loving! Emmeline was very good-natured about the whole thing.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paul's Splash Pad!

If you give a boy PVC pipe.....
He's gonna build a WATER PARK!

Can you believe a seven year old boy made this all by himself??

The whole family appreciated his building talents!

And one final picture of the girl... just cause she was really cute!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Steve passed the Bar Exam! He is now officially an attorney.

I am so proud of Steve. He spent 6 months studying harder than I have ever seen anyone study. He worked 4-10 hours a day, every day, even after flying or working here at home. I bet I told the children, "Daddo is studying, be quiet." about ten times a day. They knew he was taking a big test, but didn't really understand why.

But, I understood. Steve is a worst-case scenario person. He always thinks the worst is going to happen and is surprised and happy when it does not. As the economy tanked and people all around us lost their jobs, homes, and businesses.... Steve started to wonder what might happen if he lost his job at Fed-Ex, what if he were injured and could no longer fly, what if they decreased his pay again. So, he talked about going back to school and getting a master's degree in business. Many of the people in management at Fed-Ex have their master's degree and I'm sure you'd probably need that to even pursue any management position. Then he decided he already had a post-graduate degree and should finish that first! Good decision!!

Now what will he do with this degree? We don't know yet, but he will find something cool and unique, I am sure. Steve always does!