Me....the MommyZilla

I'm the mama. I'm 41 and married to my best friend, the daddo for almost 19 years now. We have 4 children, live in Alabama, and are enjoying raising them on our own terms. We homeschool, we always have, and we love the lifestyle. It is nice to live on our own schedule, decide what and when we will teach our children, and it is nice to have them with us all the time.

BC (before children), I was a nurse for 12 years. I quit working just before giving birth to our second child. I was working only very part-time and only when the daddo could keep the oldest child. My nursing career was wonderful and hard at the same time. I worked in a children's hospital in a step-down intermediate care  unit with children from birth to 18 years of age. I also worked as a pediatric case manager in a home health care agency, then once I had our oldest son, I worked in an NICU-step down unit with premature babies.

Our lives have been shaped by many pivotal events.... here are a few.
Premature births and neonatal illness in two of our sons
The near-drowning accident of our nephew, his illness afterwards, and his eventual death
Living in an RV, while building our own house

It would take me a year to write all the details, but that is the general gist of our lives.

I'm a Christian passionate about the mission of motherhood. I am on this roller coaster, holding my hands up high, and screaming when I go over the big hills.