Baby girl....Dinobaby4

Our baby girl was born 4 years after Sam's traumatic birth. If I'd had MY way, I was never going to get pregnant again, because the risks for a repeat of Sam were too big in my eyes. But, thankfully God knew better and once again when I freaked out over being pregnant, my sweet husband was steady as a rock and happy to boot!

Elizabeth Jean is our precious only daughter. She is 2 years old and a funny, smart, and independent girl. She loves baby dolls and dressing up. She loves her brothers and her daddo. Lizzie has been the icing on the cake of our family and we are all better people for having her in our lives. She brings out the gentle protective side of her brothers and her father and she is bringing out the girly side of me!

We are still learning her just exactly who she is, but so far we LOVE who she is becoming and love that she is part of our family.