Thursday, March 10, 2011

Where have I been?

It has been a few months since I updated this little blog of mine.
I lost my mind.

Sometime in the fall last year, I started having insomnia. This wasn't too horrible, except about the same time, Lizzy began coming into our room each night and getting into bed with us. Her favorite position is any that allows her tiny feet to push into my back. She sure is cute, but I quickly became seriously sleep deprived.

In October, I had a kidney stone and had to have surgery to remove the monster. It was a horrible few weeks and I sincerely hope it never happens again.

We had a nice fall, but with every passing week, I became more overwhelmed. Co-op classes, parties, field trips, cub scouts, church programs, karate, and boy scouts were all in full swing and keeping us out four nights a week, plus sometimes 2-3 events during the day!

I started to have heart palpitations.
Still not sleeping.
And becoming depressed.

I made some attempts at self help. I trained for and ran a 5k!!! That is pretty huge for someone who never ran before. JH and I ran the Woody and Buzz Best Friends 5k at Disney World in January. It was fun. I will do a post about that soon,

I finally gave up and went to an OB. She was the doc who delivered John Henry, but no longer delivers babies. She did tons of bloodwork and found I had just completed menopause! WHAT? She prescribed some hormone replacement therapy and after a little over a month, I can tell you, I feel almost human again!

So tomorrow, I will start updating and posting the highlights of the fall and winter for us.