Friday, July 2, 2010

John Henry at Boy Scout Summer Camp

John Henry has been at boy scout camp since Sunday. I've missed him so much. We got to go up and see him for Family Night. All the parents came and we brought food for supper. Apparently, the cafeteria doesn't even do pizza well!

John Henry was thrilled to see us, running up and hugging us all. But, thankfully, he was equally as happy to stay for another couple days. He is in his element and is loving it. His only concern was that to earn the fishing merit badge, he would have to catch, prepare, and cook a fish. Catching... NO problem. Killing....BIG problem!! He said,"Mom, I just can't do it. Maybe when I am older, but I just can't think about doing that right now." Poor kid. I told him we'd worry about that one another time. He got happy again after that. Here he is with Lizzie. She was mighty happy to see him. And mighty sad to leave him again. Just two more days!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Paul and Daddo's grand adventure!

Steve has been hosting this Cessna 180 for a few months. He's been really enjoying it. However, he had to get it to Oshkosh, WI in preparation for the big EAA airshow. He had a 5 day break from his 777 studies in Memphis and decided to get the airplane moved. Paul is about to be 8 years old and it was his turn for a grand adventure with Daddo!

They left early Wednesday morning in the 180 from Billy and Lynn's airpark, where the 180 has been visiting since her arrival in Alabama.

Here they are during the flight.

Here's a picture of the view they were enjoying on the way.
Here is Paulie sitting in the cockpit of an airplane that is now sharing the hanger with the 180.
Here she is! She'll wait here till the airshow and then some lucky boy will get to fly with Daddo and land at the airshow!
Here is Paul about to board the airplane for his ride home. This will be the first airline trip he remembers. He is excited!!