Him....the DaddyZilla

My husband of 18 years, my best friend, and the father of our children. A hard-working, honest to a fault man who loves me and better than that, puts up with me. I met him my first day of college. We both were members of the Auburn University Marching Band. He played the trombone and I, the trumpet. Our fates were sealed when we met marching in a line on the 50 yard line. An airplane flew over us, I looked up and said,"Hey, that's a C-130. MY uncle flew those in Vietnam." He was immediately in love (at least that is how I'm telling it) and said,"My uncle also flew those in Vietnam." We exchanged uncle stories and I learned that he was a private pilot and aerospace engineering major. Our romance blossomed over the next 2 years and we eventually became engaged and were married after a 4 year courtship and 3 days after I graduated from college.

My husband is not an engineer, though he once worked as one. He is a graduate of law school, but he's not a lawyer ! Give up???  He's a pilot, working or a major cargo company and flying all over the world. He loves his job.

He is a wonderful father, a husband that makes other husbands look bad, and the best friend I've ever had.