Friday, May 28, 2010

Paul and duct tape

Isn't he precious? That front tooth has been loose a while now, but it just wasn't ready to come out. However, Paul ran out of duct tape. He counted his money and he only had $3.00. He asked me how much a roll of duct tape costs and when told $ 4.00, he ran out of my room. I was amused, because I thought he must have remembered a hidden dollar somewhere and would soon return triumphant!

Little did I know that he was actually pulling out his tooth to get money from the tooth fairy. He did return triumphant, but also bleeding quite a lot! He bit on a piece of rolled gauze for about an hour..... all the while clutching that tooth and talking about which color duct tape he wanted to buy the next day.

He got his money and he got his duct tape. He also got a stern lecture about pulling out one's teeth for money. No one tell him you can sell your blood!

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