Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where did Lizzie get her curls?

Sitting at lunch today a conversation was had by Sam, Paul, and me.

Sam-Remember when you brought Lizzie home for the first time?
Me-Yes, she was so tiny.
Sam-We were playing Lego Star Wars and you came in the big red truck and opened the garage door and there she was.
Paul-She was really little and her hair was straight.
Sam-Yeah, she didn't look like she does now.
Paul-Yeah, her hair is all curly now. Why is that?
Sam-I rubbed her head so much when she was one and then it started coming in curly.
Paul-I think she got it from Aunt Dootsie.
Sam-Nah, she got it from ME!
Me-What about me? I had curly hair.

They both stare at me in silence.

Sam-You have long black and blond hair, Mom.
Paul-It's nice, but it's not curly.


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