Friday, April 30, 2010

Some times it really hits me...

Yesterday John Henry had 4 teeth pulled by an oral surgeon. He and I went together and we enjoyed some fun conversation and joke telling while we waited. John Henry loves all things military and he schooled me on the best weapons for several specific missions and told me every "You might be a Redneck if..." joke that he could remember. He chatters when he is nervous and he was quite nervous. However, Steve told him to be brave, so John Henry was trying HARD to be very brave.

Thankfully, the oral surgeon and staff were wonderful with him. They used numbing cream on his IV site prior to insertion and laughing gas to relax him. He woke up 45 minutes later and was groggy and numb, but remembered only nice people telling him to go to sleep.

On the way home, he had a mouth full of gauze and kept trying to ask me something. I heard "Was I.......", but I couldn't understand the rest and he started trying to draw in the air. He drew "d-r-" and I guessed "drink". We did this several times and we both became quite frustrated. I finally pulled over and found him some paper and a pencil. He wrote,"Was I brave?" spelled in all caps.

Sometimes, it really hits me. My child has dyslexia and he struggles still. He was trying to spell in the air, but he still doesn't know which way the lowercase letters face. We really have tried so many different interventions, special programs, etc... But here is the truth.

He will always have dyslexia.

But he will also always be smart, funny, and creative. And minus 4 teeth.

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