Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weekend of field trips and cub scouts

Steve had vacation this week. I planned a little mini-vacation around a cub scout campout in Georgia and we had a very nice time.

First, we loaded up and headed out Friday afternoon for Auburn. We found Chewacla State Park much like we'd left it as AU students all those years ago. It was quiet and pleasant and the kids had a great time making a fire, eating supper outside at the picnic table, and just hanging out.
Saturday morning, we lit out for Tuskegee University and the George Washington Carver Museum. We studied him last year and never got around to this field trip. Well, it was worth the effort to get there. Such a nice small museum that reinforced so much of what we learned. I was surprised how much John Henry remembered from our study. The little boys were simply thrilled to learn the GWC invented the sweet potato pie!

Sam starred at the sign and pie incredulously and said,"I thought Nana invented sweet potato pie! How did SHE know GWC?"

We met a really nice man who was named William Carver something-after GWC. He was GWC's godson and had once worked at the museum for pay, but now just volunteered. He told us that at his birth, GWC gave his mother $2.00 to invest for him. His father bought chickens with the $2.00 and sold the eggs, then bought more chickens and a pig, and on and on till he had enough money to buy the boy LAND! Amazing, huh?

After a nice lunch, we wound our way through the Georgia countryside and met up with our fellow cub scouts at the Rock Ranch to camp out in covered wagons! It was quite a sight! The kids enjoyed a hay ride, a playground, petting zoo, and just running around in the grass. That night an astronomer came and brought a telescope and allowed the boys to see the moon, Saturn, and other celestial things. Paul and JH loved it, but he lost Sam about well into the second hour. Lizzie fell asleep in my lap by the fire and we all enjoyed sleeping in the wagon bunk beds.

Then, after a nice visit and more playing, we headed out for The National Infantry Museum. It was amazing. First-class museum and right up JH's alley. I let all the boys test their skills at the firing range (laser pointed machine guns) and they all did well. They also dressed up like soldiers and enjoyed all the museum exhibits.

Then we drove to Wind Creek state park and enjoyed another campfire and hot showers in the bath house!

Next morning, we toured Horseshoe Bend on the way home and really enjoyed that park, too. We had a picnic nearby and then loaded up for home.

It was nice to get home, but we all really enjoyed ourselves. The boys appreciated the field trips more than seatwork in school, so we'll have to do that again sometime soon!

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