Friday, August 6, 2010

Sumatanga Day Camp 2010-Paul and Sam's week!

Paul and Sam went to day camp at Camp Sumatanga this year. This was Paul's second year and Sam's first year. Each one went with their best friends, Cole and Conner and they all had a great time. They actually went in June, but the pictures were just recently posted on photobucket by the camp. It was a fun, busy week getting the boys to and from camp via the bus at church. Catching the bus is a new experience for us homeschoolers, but they really liked it!

Lizzie did NOT approve of the big bus taking away her brothers each morning and cried after them all day the first day. Sam jumped off the bus the first morning and she ran to hug him. He said,"Lizzie what did you do while Sam was gone all day?" She replied,"My cried and my cried, but my happy now!"

Overall it was a good week for the boys and their friends and they cannot wait to do it again next year.

Sumatanga Day Camp 2010
Paul and Cole in a pyramid pile up.
Sam and Conner
Cole and Paul concentrating on an craft project.
Preparing to swim.

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