Friday, July 2, 2010

John Henry at Boy Scout Summer Camp

John Henry has been at boy scout camp since Sunday. I've missed him so much. We got to go up and see him for Family Night. All the parents came and we brought food for supper. Apparently, the cafeteria doesn't even do pizza well!

John Henry was thrilled to see us, running up and hugging us all. But, thankfully, he was equally as happy to stay for another couple days. He is in his element and is loving it. His only concern was that to earn the fishing merit badge, he would have to catch, prepare, and cook a fish. Catching... NO problem. Killing....BIG problem!! He said,"Mom, I just can't do it. Maybe when I am older, but I just can't think about doing that right now." Poor kid. I told him we'd worry about that one another time. He got happy again after that. Here he is with Lizzie. She was mighty happy to see him. And mighty sad to leave him again. Just two more days!

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