Monday, August 30, 2010


Piper is five years old. He was born in Pascagoula, MS, the night Hurricane Katrina blew through in 2005. His family left his pregnant mother home alone and evacuated the storm. The neighbor's went out the day after the storm and were looking at the damage to their neighborhood and found Piper's mom and her litter of 6 tiny puppies. They went back daily to care for them. One day, they found only the mom and 2 pups alive. One of the two surviving pups, Piper was badly hurt, apparently by other dogs. His littermates were found nearby dead. The neighbor took the surviving dogs back to his home, nursed them back to health and eventually decided to keep the mother-dog. Piper was put up for adoption at 6 months old and I found out about him from a friend. We brought him home and he has been our loyal pet and protector ever since. He is surely nothing much to look at, nor is he all that bright, but he is very loyal and very protective. And these qualities mean a lot to me, home alone a lot with 4 kids.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PIPER!! You are getting a steakbone as a treat today!

Piper hiding under Steve's desk with his stuffed pet, Ugly Baby.

John Henry and Piper while JH was sick this week. Piper LOVES to snuggle.

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