Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Easter 2010 pictures

John Henry and one of his many fish. He loaded his own hooks, took off most of his fish, and generally, handled it himself. So proud of him for that. I could never manage most of those things as a kid and I just DON'T do them as an adult! LOL!

John Henry and Alex, friends since birth and cousin besides. They enjoyed this time together a lot.

The Glenn family.... Easter 2010. Pretty good looking bunch, if I do say so myself!!

Had to get a picture of her standing on Mamaw's front porch. I've had my picture taken in this same spot, in front of this same door every year countless times. Mamaw always made my Easter dresses and I still have most of them.

Mamaw and some of the family. My mother is directly behind Mamaw in the chair, my sister to the left of my mom, and my brother on the far right with his wife and children. My uncle is hiding in the hat behind everyone!

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