Sunday, March 7, 2010


I always forget these precious things the kids say, so here are a few of my favorite ones from Lizzie.

She lays her hand flat on her forehand and looks around for someone she likes,"Where me best buddy go?"

She's looking for something she's misplaced,"Tink, Tink, Tink." (think) Imagine her with her hands on her hips, too.

I give her something she's asked for,"Tank you berry much, Mama!"

When she sees something she likes,"Bootiful, bootiful!"

On the way to wake me up, she saw the snow outside. She woke me up jumping up an down beside my bed,"Where me mitts? Where me boots? SNOW, SNOW, Mama!! Where me jacket? Let's go, Mama!"

If she bumps her head or her foot... it is "broken" and always needs me to,"Kiss me head (foot,hand), hurry, Mama!"

When she gets what she wants,"Me happy!"

When she wants to be held, she climbs into your lap and says,"Snug-snuggle me, Mama." Who could resist that?

Oh my... she is too cute these days. Makes us all fall at her feet and strive to please her just to hear that,"Me happy!"

We are in SUCH trouble in about 12 years!

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