Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why do I homeschool...

BUSY day.... Took the kids and worked the consignment sale at church this morning. Three moms who don't know me asked why the boys were not in school. I simply said that we homeschool. I received a chorus of replies I hear a lot.

I could never do that!
You sure are brave!
Wow, that must be so hard!

I just smiled and went back to work. I've found that most folks are not looking for an answer and I am no longer looking to make a point about homeschooling. If pressed I have a few reasons I give people and if really pushed I can put together a well-reasoned argument for homeschooling. But, in my heart I know why I homeschool and most people are not ready to hear it.

I do it because I like homeschooling my kids. I like watching them learn and I like being their teacher. I am not braver than you, or more patient than you, or more dedicated as a parent. I sleep late, my kids sleep late. We sometimes take days off to just play games, watch movies, or work at a consignment sale for our church. We take long nature walks on pretty days and we throw bean bags while reviewing math facts. It is nice to go on vacation when everyone else is in school. I like not having to answer to others and I like making my own schedule.

There I said it. I do it not because I am a saintly, sacrificing, patient mother. I homeschool because I like it.

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