Sunday, March 21, 2010

Home again..

We are home again and back into the full swing of activities. I taught Sunday School this morning to the 2nd and 3rd graders and I love it. We are doing a gardening study and the kids are enjoying planting and watching as the seeds sprout and grow. It is a nice build up to Easter, too. I hope that some of these seeds become hardy enough seedlings to give away to the congregation and perhaps to bear fruit later this year. I will hopefully plant some in my own garden and bring the veggies back for the kids to see.

IF spring ever comes I will enjoy planting and growing!!! Another forecast of snow-flurries for Alabama! How crazy is that??

We had a nice time in south AL, but I am glad to be back home again. I am ready to start my diet/exercise plan tomorrow morning! Yippee!! It is a combination of Weight Watchers for eating and the Fat Burning Furnace for exercise. I'll be plotting my success as I go along, so cheer me on!!

The children enjoyed some special grandparent attention and when we arrived home last night, Lizzie took one look at our house and said,"No, not this house!! Me go Nana's house!" Poor little thing.

Paul spent the night with Nana and as during his bath that night, she was scrubbing his head. She asked if she was scrubbing too hard. She them told him that his mama (ME!!) was really tender-headed and she had to scrub my head carefully and gently. He thought about that for a minute and replied,"She's hard-headed now!" Out of the mouths of babes......

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