Thursday, October 7, 2010

Orange belts!!!!!

Here they are.... my three orange belts. I am so proud of them all. We took the month of July off this summer during camps and vacation time. It was a nice break, but the boys were so sad to not be ready to test in August. Sensei Michelle spent a couple weeks of class with them and she declared John Henry almost ready to test, but sadly, she thought Paul and Sam were just not ready. I knew the day was probably coming, but it surprised me. Still, she is the sensei and I trust her judgement.

A date was tossed around for mid-September for testing and then Sensei Michelle went on a vacation and Sensei Allison took over our noon-time classes. She seemed to think the younger boys would be ready, but they needed to really tighten up and be more serious about their lessons. Again, whatever they think is fine with me.

Sensei Michelle came back from vacation and the boys went to class on a Monday. She told me prior to the lesson that she'd scheduled Wednesday for JH to test for his orange belt. I left and tried to figure out how to lessen the blow for the little boys when they realized they would be left behind.

SURPRISE... when I came back to pick them up, Sensei Michelle met me with a happy,"They are ALL ready to test!!!" Hooray!

They tested and passed!

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