Monday, August 9, 2010

Paul's 8th Birthday

Paul was born 8 years ago, July 10th. He is growing into a wonderful young man. Funny, precocious and alarmingly smart, Paul makes us laugh and shake our heads every day. He still loves duct tape and creating things. He's great at his schoolwork and he's really doing well with karate and in scouts. Often, he sneaks into my room, sits beside me on the couch and asks questions or makes statements like:

"Mama, I think I am xenophobic." Me.... (quickly googling it),"Are you afraid of strangers or foreigners?" He considered this for a moment and said,"I guess I am only afraid of foreigners is they are also strangers."

Or "Do you think the electrons in a lightening bolt get pushed by the wind during a storm?"

He keeps us hopping! We had a small family party while we were in Four Points visiting the cousins and grandparents.
He requested a fire truck cake, so I made four cakes.....each in the shape of a vehicle. Each of the other children received presents for their half-birthdays! We had fun!

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