Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy, busy....

Steve got home Thursday evening from his latest trip. Singapore this time. Karate that night for Paul and John Henry. Poor Sam has felt poorly since Monday (remember the rock in his ear!). I am certain it didn't cause all that he has experienced (fever, cough, stuffy nose, upset stomach), but he is just as certain that it did!! LOL! Poor little guy.

Friday was spent getting our schoolwork done early and cleaning up for company coming. John Henry and Paul had friends come spend the night and as they are also homeschooled, they got here early afternoon. The afternoon and evening were filled with the sounds of 5 boys playing. And just so you know.... that is a really loud sound. Lizzie and I hid in my bedroom a lot!! Paul and Sam shared his guest and seemed to enjoy him equally and he them. John Henry and his buddy conned the paternal unit into allowing them to go to the Little Cahaba. I do not normally allow this when it has been raining for 3 days solid. Well, buddy fell in and came home soaking wet just in time for me to return from the store and realize what had occurred. Stern words were spoken and boys were duly chastised. Clothes were then washed.

I also spent much of the day baking for various things. Boys, friends, church bake sale, and scout meeting dessert. 2 pans of lemon squares, 2 pans of brownies, and 12 mini loaves of bread later and I am pooped. Chicken and dumplings was also prepared in there somewhere for supper for the wild tribe of children here.

I settled them in front of a NEW movie and folded clothes for the duration. A little while later, they all were snuggled into a bed somewhere (don't ask how I managed for everyone to have a place to sleep-6 kids, 2 adults, and 3 bedrooms!) and Steve and I finally were able to get some sleep ourselves.

Today was returning the correct children to their homes and John Henry's final Webelos meeting. BIG Sniff..... Do I really have to cook supper now???

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